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Stutta Boii joins Royal Gambling Club!!! 3/4/15​ - 
"got a lot of congratulations for my recent joining to Royal Gambling Club i'm not a very public person... but it means a lot to be a part of something again... for me i don't take anything like this lightly... most people don't like me... or have even cared to get to know me...but i can't help that...i just gotta live my life... in recent months...i saw my niece and dad in a hospital... even with setbacks i still manage to keep my head above water... i've stayed as positive as i can... i wish everyone in the I.E. hip hop scene the best... thank you to all of ‪#‎RGC‬ for this opportunity... i thank all my peers who still rock with me... in the end it's about making the world see the I.E's talent... 1 ..."

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