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Founded by Shane Arch in the beginning of 2013, Royal Gambling Club Music Group is a Southern California based independent record label operated and distributed by under 212FAM Entertainment.
Acts include King Dice, 3D Beats, Socal Sinatra, Travis Miller, and Nasty Nativ .

For more info check out the official label website at http://www.royalclubhouse.com 

About Royal Gambling Club

Stutta Boii 

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Born Andy Raytron Robinson in Hollywood,California on September 18, 1985. Raised in a single-parent home, Stutta Boii learned to heavily depend on himself early on. This led to a deep mistrust of other people. Stutta's father worked as a barber while his mother succumbed to drugs, which among other things, forced his parents to split up. His passion and determination are deeply rooted in his soul. He watched as his family members gave up their dreams one at a time.
"My dad used to be an amateur gloves boxer, but he never went pro. Mom wanted to be a model, but she didn't make it. My sister wanted to be a singer and it never happened. I wanna be the one that does follow through with what I want to do, and I will." says Stutta when asked about his aspirations.
With many rappers emerging from Riverside, California, Stutta Boii's raw delivery and classic deliveries are what set him apart from his peers. Stutta's lyrical content is straight from his heart. His music has feeling. His music is crafted to not only break your neck but to feed a message to the intellect-starving youth. He challenges his competition and fellow emcees to bring the culture back to its' essence, dares musicians to bring hip-hop back to the people, and delivers using his dynamic lyricism.


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