Stutta Boii aka FLo Sika

Labeled, typecasted, stereotyped, and written off by teachers, peers, and even those closest to him. This is the response, the confident tone back to the non-believers.

Stutta Boii performs with a ton of dope Inland Empire Artist.

Inland Empire


Stutta still showing love with fellow I.E. artist King Dice & friends. 

2 Parts Pain , 1 Part Passion

The Vibe in Riverside

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Stutta Boii 


Flo Sika


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Stutta Boii submits video for Team Backpack - 3/7/15

Stutta Boii joins Royal Gambling Club!!! 3/4/15​ - 
"got a lot of congratulations for my recent joining to Royal Gambling Club i'm not a very public person... but it means a lot to be a part of something again... for me i don't take anything like this lightly... most people don't like me... or have even cared to get to know me...but i can't help that...i just gotta live my life... in recent months...i saw my niece and dad in a hospital... even with setbacks i still manage to keep my head above water... i've stayed as positive as i can... i wish everyone in the I.E. hip hop scene the best... thank you to all of ‪#‎RGC‬ for this opportunity... i thank all my peers who still rock with me... in the end it's about making the world see the I.E's talent... 1 ..."